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Conditions treated

Back Pain

Back pain affects at least 80% of us at some point in our lives and unfortunately, recurs in approximately 80% of cases. Thankfully, the vast majority of back pain will settle over time. Physio treatment for back pain includes hands on treatment and specific exercises tailored to you. Understanding your pain can greatly improve your recovery.June will discuss all aspects of your assessment findings and treatment plan with you throughout. Strengthening the whole body can really help to reduce the risk of or the severity and duration of future episodes of back pain. June is highly experienced in back pain physiotherapy including the assessment and management of simple and complex back pain.Back pain can also occur with leg pain. This can be called sciatica. Sciatica is an umbrella term for any leg pain coming from the back. Again, thankfully this generally settles over time. Physiotherapy can greatly help to optimise your recovery and reduce the risk of severe pain in the future.Occasionally, sciatica does not improve. At this point, we would consider spinal injection or surgery. Often a spinal injection will help to reduce pain enough to allow active participation in Physiotherapy and a good recovery.Surgery is very rarely required. June is very experienced in screening for surgical and has direct links with a highly regarded Spine Surgeon and can provide a direct referral should this be required. June can help with your full recovery after surgery, linking directly with your surgeon for an optimum recovery.

Neck Pain

Neck pain effects many of us throughout our lives and thankfully, mostly will settle over time. There is good evidence to show that the use of hands-on treatment alongside a tailored exercise programme and good quality education is highly effective in the management of neck pain.Rarely, neck pain can also occur with arm pain or pins and needles and numbness. This can occur if there is irritation of a nerve in the neck that supplies the arm. It can also occur due to other structures being irritated and referring pain down the arm. June is highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of neck and arm pain.Should you require a surgical opinion for your neck pain, June has direct links with a specialist Spine Surgeon.Often neck pain can recur in episodes. There is strong evidence that a specific neck strengthening programme, in conjunction with excellent education can really help with recurrent neck pain. June has many years of experience in the management of neck pain, both acute and persistent.

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can result from injury to ligaments, muscles or nerves in the shoulder area. June will provide a thorough assessment to establish the cause of your symptoms and will guide you through the best treatment options for you.There is excellent evidence that shoulder strengthening alongside excellent education provides better long term results that surgery in the majority of shoulder conditions.

Hip Pain

Hip pain can occur at any age and for several reasons. It can be due to issues within the joint or soft tissues such as muscle around the joint. Sometimes it can be due to an issue with the spine. The vast majority of hip pain will improve fully with a tailored exercise programme and advice as to what to do and not do. The hip is a very mobile joint and has many muscle attachments, so excellent muscle strength and endurance is very important.June will thoroughly assess your spine and hip to establish the cause of your pain and the best treatment option for you.

Knee Pain

Knee pain can occur due to issues within the joints of the knee such as cartilage, ligaments, muscle or other soft tissues. The joint between the thigh bone and the shin bone or the joint between the kneecap and knee joint may be affected. A clear diagnosis is important to ensure the best outcome.June is highly experienced in the assessment of knee pain and will establish the cause of your pain and discuss your optimum treatment plan with you.There is excellent evidence to show that a tailored exercise programme with appropriate education is superior to surgery in most cases of knee pain.

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain most often occurs following a twist of the ankle which results in injury and inflammation of the soft tissues around the ankle. Generally, this will settle over time however, recurrence is common where the ankle is not fully rehabilitated after the injury.A tailored assessment and treatment programme will help reduce future recurrences whether the injury was recent or in the past.

Breast Cancer Rehab

Recovery from breast cancer can be challenging. June has completed training in Physiotherapy rehab following breast cancer treatment. She can support you in monitoring for lymphoedema, increasing your exercise levels and strength. Improving your general health and fitness is crucial in the successful recovery from breast cancer at all stages.